Our Mission



Saint John’s University Campus Ministry, rooted in Catholic tradition and Benedictine values, cultivates the faith life of the campus community “that in all things God may be glorified.” (RB 57:9) While welcoming all students, we primarily focus on the spiritual and religious development of undergraduate men and the ministerial formation of graduate and undergraduate students.  We foster discipleship through worship, pastoral care, faith formation, service, and reflection in order to form students to understand, embrace and live out their faith “that they are better prepared to witness to the kingdom of truth in the world.” (Empowered by the Spirit, USCCB)


Liturgy & Music

The Saint John’s Campus Ministry Liturgy and Music department, believing “that the Divine Presence is everywhere” (RB 19), helps the campus community to deepen relationships with the Lord through worship in the Catholic Benedictine tradition so that “when we assist at the Word of God… [we] sing His praises with understanding.” (RB 19) This is done primarily through Sunday and weekday Eucharistic celebrations, special prayer services, and seasonal liturgical celebrations.


St. John’s Campus Ministry Retreats are to foster community, spirituality, service, and provide an environment to explore our Catholic Benedictine tradition and belief system with our students. This is done by offering a number of retreats to help the students experience Christ and their faith through multiple opportunities such as First Year Retreat Experience (FYRE), The Busy Man Retreat, The Silence Together in Living Life Retreat (STILL Retreat), and The Chicago Men’s Service Retreat.

Social Outreach

The mission of the Social Outreach department is to promote human development, both physical and spiritual, that through opportunities of service so that students may be aware of and engage in justice issues in today’s society. As servants of God we aim to integrate the relationship between faith and service so that as we are instructed “…Love the Lord God with your whole heart, your whole soul and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself…You must relieve the lot of the poor… Go help the troubled and console the sorrowing.” (RB 4:1-2, 14, 18-19)

Faith Formation

The department of Faith Formation seeks to support and further the mission of Saint John’s University Campus Ministry that students may form a mature adult faith in order to “better witness to the kingdom of truth in the world” (Empowered by the Spirit, USCCB). We aim to proclaim the Gospel, deepen understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church, and form small faith communities which foster Christian discipleship and fellowship with the Body of Christ, the Church.