Music Ministry

Everyone is invited to participate in music ministry for 9:00 PM Student Mass and other liturgies.  There are a variety of ways listed below in which you can get involved.  If you are interested, please contact Matthew Jakubisin.

SJU Campus Ministry Choir:

The SJU Campus Ministry Choir sings for 9PM Student Mass.  Rehearsal is 7:45-8:45PM before Mass.  All are welcome to sing – no audition needed.  The choir sings music ranging from chant, traditional hymnody, to more recent hymns and songs.  Occasionally, the choir will prepare choral pieces for offertory or communion.


Cantors are responsible for singing the Psalm and intoning the Gospel Acclamation at 9PM Student Mass and Football Masses (4:15PM after home games).  They also serve as leaders for the congregation.  Cantors are scheduled for each Mass in advance and are encouraged to schedule a brief rehearsal during the week with the accompanist and music director.


If you play an instrument, you are welcome to participate at 9PM Mass.  The choir does not only need singers but also support from guitarists, woodwind players, brass players, string players, and percussionists.  Instrumentalists rehearse with the choir (7:45 Sunday) and should notify the music director in advance so music can be prepared.

General Musician:

SJU Campus Ministry is in need of musicians (singers and instrumentalists) for a variety of other liturgies outside of Mass.  These include reconciliation services, prayer services, and Liturgy of the Hours.  Those interested, if not already participating in other music ministries, will be placed on a calling list for when these services are being planned.

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